Unveiling the Grand Lotto 6/55 Experience

Introducing the Grand Lotto 6/55, where dreams are given the chance to soar and fortunes are waiting to be claimed. As one of the most exciting lottery games, Grand Lotto 6/55 offers players the opportunity to win staggering jackpots with just the right combination of luck and strategy.

Grand Lotto 6/55 A complete guide

With its straightforward mechanics, players select six numbers from a pool of 55, aiming to match them with the drawn numbers to seize the grand prize. The anticipation builds with each draw, as millions across the nation eagerly await the announcement of winning numbers.

What sets Grand Lotto 6/55 apart is its commitment to transforming lives. Beyond the thrill of winning, proceeds from ticket sales contribute to various social development projects, making every play a step towards a better future for communities nationwide.

Join the millions who dare to dream big with Grand Lotto 6/55. With every ticket, you’re not just playing a game – you’re supporting meaningful causes while chasing the opportunity of a lifetime.

History of Grand Lotto 6/55

History of Grand Lotto 6/55

The history of Grand Lotto 6/55 dates back to its launch on April 18, 2010, marking a new era in lottery gaming in the Philippines. Despite sharing draw mechanics similar to its predecessors, Grand Lotto introduced a broader range of numbers, spanning from 1 to 55. Its inaugural draw set an impressive precedent, inheriting the grand jackpot of ₱108,000,000 from Power Lotto. With odds standing at 1 in 28,989,675, the game drew throngs of hopeful participants, eagerly awaiting draws held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Over time, Grand Lotto continued to captivate players with its enticing jackpots, reaching staggering heights. Notably, on July 9, 2022, a solitary ticket holder clinched a monumental ₱401,186,804.80 jackpot, securing a place in history as the third-largest prize winner. Furthermore, the game made headlines on October 1, 2022, when a groundbreaking ₱236,091,188.40 jackpot was split among 433 winners.

However, controversy arose when the winning numbers—9, 45, 36, 27, 18, 54—followed a pattern of skip counting by 9, sparking speculation of a system glitch or error among skeptics. Despite such debates, Grand Lotto 6/55 continues to enchant players, offering the promise of life-changing fortunes with every draw.

Grand Lotto 6/55 Schedule

Grand Lotto 6/55 Schedule

The Grand Lotto 6/55, a game of chance that has captured the imagination of millions since its inception. As players eagerly await the results, the draw mechanics, rooted in simplicity, offer equal opportunities for all to emerge victorious. Join the excitement and anticipation as dreams come alive with every set of six numbers chosen, bringing hope and possibility to players across the Philippines.

Draw DateDraw TimeCut-off Time
Sunday9:00 PM8:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 PM8:00 PM
Thursday9:00 PM8:00 PM

How to Play Grand Lotto 6/55

How to Play Grand Lotto 6/55

To participate in the exhilarating Grand Lotto 6/55, players must first ensure they are at least 18 years old, adhering to the legal age requirement. To play, simply obtain a playslip and select six numbers from 1 to 55, representing your chosen combination. Alternatively, opt for the convenient Lucky Pick (LP) option for a computer-generated set of numbers. Each play costs ₱20.00, offering an affordable opportunity to vie for the enticing jackpot.

For those seeking prolonged excitement, consider marking your preferred number of consecutive draws in the DRAW panel, allowing you to play the same combination for up to six successive draws. Additionally, enhance your chances of winning by exploring the SYSTEM play option. By selecting 5R, SYS 7, SYS 8, up to SYS 12, players can expand their selection to include multiple number combinations, offering increased opportunities to secure a coveted win.

Whether you rely on strategic number choices or trust in the randomness of Lucky Pick, Grand Lotto 6/55 promises an electrifying experience where dreams of grandeur can become reality.

System PlayPossible selectionTotal Bet Cost(with DST)
System 5-Roll50 possible selections₱ 1000.00
System 77 possible selections₱ 140.00
System 828 possible selections₱ 560.00
System 984 possible selections₱ 1680.00
System 10210 possible selections₱ 4200.00
System 11462 possible selections₱ 9240.00
System 12924 possible selections₱ 18480.00

Grand Lotto 6/55 prizes

Grand Lotto 6/55 prizes

In the high-stakes world of Grand Lotto 6/55, every draw brings the promise of life-changing fortunes. As the six lucky balls, each bearing a number from 1 to 55, are unveiled, players hold their breath, hoping for a perfect match with their chosen 6-number combination. Should luck smile upon you and your numbers align, congratulations are in order – you’ve clinched the coveted jackpot!

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Even if your numbers fall just short of the grand prize, there are still consolation prizes waiting to be claimed. Matching 5 out of 6 down to 3 out of 6 numbers ensures you remain a winner, keeping the thrill of the game alive and offering a chance to revel in your success.

Furthermore, in the spirit of fairness, if multiple players share the same winning combination, the jackpot is divided equally among all jackpot winners, ensuring everyone gets their fair share of the winnings. Whether you’re vying for the grand prize or aiming for one of the consolation rewards, Grand Lotto 6/55 presents a multitude of opportunities to turn your dreams into tangible rewards.

MatchMatch OrderPrize
6Exact₱ 29,700,000
5First 5 or Last 5 of 6 Numbers₱ 100,000.00
4First 4 or Last 4 of 6 Numbers₱ 1,500.00
3First 3 or Last 3 of 6 Numbers₱ 60.00

Grand Lotto 6/45 System Play Prize and Payout

Grand Lotto 6/45 System Play Prize and Payout
Standard5RSYS 7SYS 8SYS 9SYS 10SYS 11SYS 12
No. of Combination15072884210462924
Amount of bet₱ 50₱ 1000₱ 140₱ 560₱ 1680₱ 4,200₱9,240₱18480

Exact Matching (6 Number Matching)

Winning NOs6 of 65 of 64 of 63 of 6Total Prize Amount
PrizeJackpot₱ 100,000.00  ₱1,500.00₱ 60.00
5RJackpot49Jackpot+₱ 4,900,000.00
SYS7Jackpot6Jackpot+₱ 600,000.00
SYS8Jackpot12 15Jackpot+₱ 1,222,500.00
SYS9Jackpot184520Jackpot+₱ 1,868,700.00
SYS10Jackpot249080Jackpot+₱ 2,539,800.00
SYS11Jackpot30150200Jackpot+₱ 3,237,000.00
SYS12Jackpot36225400Jackpot+₱ 3,961,500.00

5 of 6 Number Matching

Winning NOs5 of 64 of 63 of 6Total Prize Amount
Prize₱ 100,000.00₱ 1,500.00₱ 60.00
5R248₱ 272,000.00
SYS725₱ 207,500.00
SYS831510₱ 323,100.00
SYS943040₱ 447,400.00
SYS10550100₱ 581,000.00
SYS11675200₱ 724,500.00 
SYS127105250₱ 878,500.00

4 of 6 Number Matching

Winning NOs4 of 63 of 6Total Prize Amount
Prize₱ 1,500.00 ₱ 60.00
5R347₱ 7,320.00
SYS734₱ 4,740.00 
SYS8616₱ 9,960.00
SYS91040₱ 17,400.00
SYS101580₱ 27,300.00 
SYS1121140₱ 39,900.00
SYS1228224₱ 55,440.00

3 of 6 Number Matching

Winning NOs3 of 6Total Prize Amount
Prize₱ 60.00
5R4₱ 240.00 
SYS74₱ 240.00 
SYS810₱ 600.00 
SYS920₱ 1,200.00 
SYS1035₱ 2,100.00 
SYS1156₱ 3,360.00
SYS1284₱ 5,040.00

How to Claim the Prize

How to Claim the Prize

Claiming prizes for lottery winnings involves a straightforward process, ensuring winners can easily access their rewards. From physical ticket endorsements to digital redemption via E-Lotto, the process accommodates various price ranges and preferences.

Claiming Prizes for Physical Tickets

  • Ticket Endorsement: Ensure you sign the back of your winning ticket and provide your name for verification purposes.
  • Prize Range ₱20.00 to ₱10,000.00: You can claim prizes falling within this range at any authorized Lotto outlet or PCSO Branch Office nearby.
  • Prize Range ₱10,001.00 to ₱300,000.00:Head to the PCSO Branch Offices in your area or visit the 2nd Floor of the PCSO Main Office for redemption.
  • Prizes ₱300,001.00 and above Exclusive validation and redemption are required at the 2nd Floor of the PCSO Main Office.

E-Lotto Prize Redemption

  • Prizes ₱300,000.00 and below: Conveniently cash out through the E-Lotto App, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Prizes of ₱300,000.01 and above: Make your way to the PCSO Main Office to claim prizes exceeding ₱300,000.01.
  • Verification Process: Present the QR Code of the winning ticket along with two (2) valid IDs for thorough verification and authentication.

Note: Prizes above ₱10,000.00 are subject to a 20% tax in compliance with the TRAIN Law.


To claim your prize, endorse the back of your winning ticket with your name and signature, then present it at any authorized Lotto outlet or PCSO Branch Office if your prize falls within the range of ₱20.00 to ₱10,000.00. For prizes ranging from ₱10,001.00 to ₱300,000.00, visit PCSO Branch Offices or the 2nd Floor of the PCSO Main Office. Prizes exceeding ₱300,001.00 must be validated and claimed exclusively at the 2nd Floor of the PCSO Main Office.

Yes, for prizes up to ₱300,000.00, you can conveniently cash out through the E-Lotto App. However, prizes exceeding ₱300,000 require a physical visit to the PCSO Main Office for redemption.

Yes, prizes above ₱10,000.00 are subject to a 20% tax in compliance with the TRAIN Law.

In the event of a damaged or unreadable ticket, it is essential to contact the PCSO for further assistance and guidance on how to proceed with the prize claim process.


Grand Lotto 6/55 stands as a beacon of hope, offering players the chance to realize their wildest dreams with each draw. With its rich history of monumental jackpots and unwavering commitment to social development, Grand Lotto 6/55 has become a staple in the lives of millions across the Philippines. As anticipation builds for the Grand Lotto 6/55 Result today, the excitement and possibilities are palpable, echoing through communities nationwide.

Supported by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Grand Lotto 6/55 not only offers thrilling gameplay but also contributes to meaningful causes, enriching lives with every ticket purchased. Whether claiming prizes through physical outlets or the E-Lotto platform, winners can rest assured that the prize claim process is seamless and transparent, further enhancing the allure of Grand Lotto 6/55 as the ultimate game of chance and opportunity.